Review: Cambridge PowerApps and Flow User Group 8th August 2019

This meeting had a varied speaker set that worked really well. Some overarching themes came through, by having a mix of super technical and super users.

Chris O’Brien started the evening with real user stories of solutions developed by Content and Code and tips on how to use Dev tools to produce PowerApps. His top tip for me was using visual studio code to store, reference and source control each of the complex settings, statements and functions used in a client solution. Providing a central repository for re-use and support once the app is live in production. He also showed offline storage of app data to make solutions truly flexible.

Samit Saini then gave us a fantastically inspiring account of his transition from enthused security guard to PowerApps user champion at Heathrow. A great insight into governance and creativity in such a diverse workforce. Samit’s vision and passion is infectious .

We closed the sessions with a late addition from Tobias Clever-Ross from GSK. Tobias gave a fast, yet informative account of his whiteboard to touchscreen achievement at GSK where a can-ban style production monitoring tool was recreated on large, shop floor touch screens using PowerBI to show key data for the production run. The utility of the solution, its adoption by the end users and the financial impact to the bottom line were impressive and the group was thrilled he had shared this success with us all.

Networking followed with lots of really great conversations inspired by the speakers, the sharing of tips and some fun too. A great a mix of familiar faces and new friends and some food from the event food sponsor Atalian Servest .

To my delight, 3 of the group were inspired enough to volunteer as speakers for the next event (and a potential sponsor too) which is planned for November (no firm date yet) .

Thanks to everyone involved in pulling this event together and to the fantastic speakers who give up their time to come and share their passion with the Cambridge PowerApps and Flow User Group.


See you all next time 🙂

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