Invitation to contribute to a PowerApps “Look Book”

Have you created a really cool looking PowerApp? Want to share?

I’m putting together a PowerApps Look Book to show new citizen developers what’s possible.

Having provided training for PowerApps in a Day to advanced PowerApps sessions, it’s absolutely impossible to describe the impact that a well laid out app can have to win the hearts of the more creative potential developer.

The power of the tooling is not just that you have an awesome front end to SharePoint or Azure data, you can update multiple sources and show data based on complex filters but that you can also create interfaces that really speak to end users.

With responsive design now part of the normal deployment, I’ve seen some really great tools being developed.

As a long service “function over form” techie I’m guilty of some pretty basic looking apps and I know if you, like me, learn from the experts and watch tutorials on YouTube, you’ll know that the tool can do so much functionally, just watch the PowerApps911 team at work to see the possibilities.

I’ve already seen a few great ones on the TDG platform and via the PowerApps Partner Showcase but I’m looking for the experimenters out there who have so far gone without credit or surpassed the tools expectations but never shown the world…

So, I’m looking for some great app screenshots, which I’ll fully credit to you, your business or anonymously, if you prefer. I’ll also be putting the finished result up here for download so you too can use in your own presentations to motivate and inspire.

PowerAppers, Addicts and User Groups alike – lets see what we can create…

To contribute please contact me on LinkedIn, Twitter or using the form

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