PowerApps Look Book Form

An Invitation to contribute to a PowerApps “Look Book”

Have you created a really cool looking PowerApp? Want to share?

I am putting together a PowerApps Look Book to show new citizen developers what is possible. I’m looking for some great app screenshots, which will be fully accredited to you, your business or if you prefer, anonymously. I will also be putting the finished result on here, meaning you too can download it and use in your own presentations to motivate and inspire others!

Sharon Sumner, MVP, CEO and Community Leader

*To contribute please click on the link below to fill in the form and send us your screenshots.

Once submitted, our team will go through these and contact you with a Press release form to complete in order to give us permission to share your work & publish this. If this work belongs to an organisation please include that too.

Click here to fill out the form: https://bit.ly/2Yj2ddW

Thank you for your contribution

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