About me..

I’m Sharon Sumner, Community leader, Business Applications MVP, Trusted Partner & Technically Curious – I love finding ways technology can be leveraged to drive productivity and efficiency.

Why do I have a blog…

Modern business needs to understand and use technology for productivity and team efficiency. They are making tooling available to the business at a faster pace than ever before. Understanding how to successfully manage this continual change is a challenge

Innovation is key and Trusted Partners are needed, those who work across many businesses and see what’s coming and understand it effect. A guiding light for change, leveraging investment and empowering business teams.

“Bringing Sharon in as a WIC advisor is more valuable than finding a cave of diamonds!” 

Chaitra Vedullapalli Co-Founder of Women in Cloud 

Communities are needed to help collectively learn via trail and error how the tools add real business value. To use each others experience to collectively innovate and educate.

Community leaders drive others to create, they solicit feedback and provide insight by leading discussions on new features, business applications and business value delivery. They are experts themselves, connected to other experts, sponsors and product development teams to get questions answered and more importantly asked!

As business owner, wife, mother and cat owner I don’t get a lot of time to make me happy – But I love to travel, and give back – being a presenter, community leader and outspoken advocate of the technologies I get to play with every day is my “me time”.

My blog is to help pass on that sense of community, giving back, lessons learned, advice, experiences and tips on the technology advances to everyone – not just those who can afford consultants.

If I can ever help you, please get in touch – If you come across me at an event then please do come and talk to me. If I can’t help you then I probably know someone who can – our community around the PowerPlatform is filled with awesome people and we are all directly linked to the Microsoft product teams who will be able to help you.

I also create YouTube videos about business productivity as a series to help you get to value faster. Watch here: http://bit.ly/38N3dLn

Lets grab a coffee sometime and you can tell me about you 🙂

My profile on MVP: https://bit.ly/2R4RFfQ

I have been recognised as a Microsoft Certified Trainer. MCTs are the premier technical and instructional experts in Microsoft technologies.