May Cambridge Power Platform User Group

Our latest Cambridge Power Platform User Group (Virtual Event) was hosted on 7th May 2021 to celebrate National Space Day. A free global user group event is driven by communities around the world, for anyone who wants to learn more about Microsoft’s Power Platform. This was lead by our community leader Sharon Sumner MVP featured our awesome guest speakers: Serge Luca, Elizabeth Akinfiieva, Eldert Grootenboer & Dharanidharan Balasubramaniam.

Space Day is an unofficial educational holiday that was first created in 1997 by Lockheed Martin – an American aerospace company.

Thanks to the team from Casper365 who sponsored the event

Check out the videos of the sessions here:

Advanced Business Process Management with Power Automate and Doctor Flow​
Power Apps Developer Session: Enhance capabilities with Office 365 in the Power Platform
Take back your time; Let AI do the work for you!
Session: ALM for Power Platform – Zero to Hero

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