Power Apps Xmas Bonus

Who says Santa doesn’t come early – well for organisations looking to take a sizeable step into Power Apps your justification to the board just got a festive boost. 

The offer comes as the Power Apps team looks at the second half of the Microsoft fiscal year to increase the adoption of larger clients who have been putting off plunging into the Power Apps per user or per-app licencing arena.  

NB – this is for the larger clients with 200+ licences and at the moment this is a promotion offer NOT a permanent price change.  

The offer is simply this;  

Per App Users reduced from $10 per user per month to just $3 for 200 or more licences 

Per User licence reduced from $40 per user per month to just $12 for 5000 or more licences 

Now, anyone handy at maths will quickly see that the Per-App licence is so low by comparison that if you were looking to buy 60+ licenses at the old price you would be better off buying 200 at the new price (these per app licences stack so does not mean you need 140 fictional accounts). 

The offer is valid for licences purchased from Dec 1st only and while the promotion is only for 6 months the price you lock-in will be valid for your committed term, so an annual licence will be calculated at the purchased rate for the year and be valid for that term. The same applies to Enterprise Agreements for 3-5 years term.  

So, if you were thinking about the uplift but had not managed to secure the budget this is a window of opportunity not to be missed.  

Clearly, this is a direct threat to the competing technologies, such as Appian whose implementation costs for even the medium enterprise are staggeringly high in comparison to these deals.  

How to buy 

The Per-App license can be purchased through any CSP provider but the per user is via Microsoft sales teams only – Find out more here Power Apps Pricing page

As you will know by now as a reader of my blog I’m all about business value, and for me, this is a big win for the justification of the uplift licences to do more with your current app estate and deliver even greater value into your business by leveraging the power in the Power Platform.  

Thanks for listening – don’t forget to leave comments below or get in touch with me directly if you’d like to chat about the content posted here or anything to do with the Power Platform – I’m a Business Applications speaker and evangelist with a clear focus on delivering real business value from technology. I speak at least once a month so please find me at an event and #LetsGetCoffee

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