Learning as a Team

A huge thank you to the MultiCloud team for inviting me back to present again.

Sunday, I held a session on ‘The Integration of the Power Platform and Microsoft 365 tools’. We looked at a simple scenario using Teams as a portal to easily access learning materials and to keep a track of knowledge quizzes.

Unfortunately we suffered some technical issues with the presentation so a big thank you to everyone for bearing with, especially as it had gone 10pm local time!

You can find the session link here: https://www.5thir.com/eventportal/EventProductListing.aspx?eid=aed73033ae1046d7b79df90e4b650541

For those who are interested, here is my presentation deck: https://power-full.blog/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/MultiCloud4U-October-2020-Learning-as-a-Team.pptx

Thanks for listening – don’t forget to leave comments below or get in touch with me directly if you’d like to chat about the content posted here or anything to do with the Power Platform – I’m a Business Applications speaker and evangelist with a clear focus on delivering real business value from technology. I speak at least once a month so please find me at an event and #LetsGetCoffee

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