PowerApps Pac Man Playoffs @ Power Platform Summit

This week at the Power Platform Summit in Orlando, at the end of my PowerApps 101 session I unveiled the latest project from my team. A labour of love for both PowerApps and gaming, we created a full version of the iconic game to show just whats possible using PowerApps.

We followed up with community theater session to allow the community audience to have a play with the little yellow fellow themselves.

From our fantastic attempts the winner on this short session on the day was Kevin – congratulations Kevin.

We also had a couple of MVPs have a play

Daniel Christian Playing PowerApps Pacman
April Dunham Playing PowerApps Pacman
supported by Fausto Capellan Jnr and Abe Saldana

I’ll show the App again at the Power Platform World Tour in Dublin so if you’ve like to have a go and get your name on the Leader Board (yes there is a leader board in the App too) then please come and find me and we’ll make sure we have play off prize for you 🙂

I love this community and playing PowerApps – kudos to my superb team of hardcore PowerApps gamers – you’re a joy to work with 🙂

I’ll do a full blog post on how this came together and the manic math calculations behind the movement of each of the moving parts in the game when we publish to the Microsoft PowerApp Solutions catalog later in the year.

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