#CommunityRocks – I love that you can just ask.

One of the nicest things about working in a strong #community like the Power Platform community is the support we give each other. Having tools like Twitter where people can reach out and ask for help means we can help propel each other forward.

So, I was pinged on Twitter by a lovely lady Mary Fealty @Br0adtree who had a problem. She is a PowerBI pro and needed to solve a solution of providing a sustainable solution for a small business to share reports with external customers, without breaking the bank.

Having researched how to use Azure pay as you go embedding services for PowerBI and how to use Flow to control service start/stop, she needed to find a way to share the content of the reports, along with other information with her clients. She had seen that SharePoint could do this but never used it.

Mary messaged me and we set up a Friday early evening Teams meeting to try and flesh out what she was trying to do and work up a proof of concept.

One the call I walked Mary through the basics of setting up a SharePoint site and sharing it with me externally. We then picked a report, shared that too and then embedded it into SharePoint and voila – an hour of our time with a glass of wine in hand, some laughs and we both learnt something.

I showed Mary enough for her to play confidently with SharePoint and we worked out a step by step scenario for her to have a robust and secure solution.

Now obviously I run a consultancy business for a living, so there is a fine line between help and work – I also can’t always guarantee to be around to help – but you won’t know unless you ask.

If I can’t help you immediately, I can at least let you know that you have a bigger problem which needs professional assistance. I’m also connected to the most wonderful group of experts on both Twitter and LinkedIn as well as many of the Microsoft product teams and may at least be able to point you to the right person who can help you.

My message is, just ask – if there is a chance, we can help you, we will.


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